Jaktreiser til Kroatia med Check out Croatia

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About Check out Croaita

The hunting travel company was established in 2011 and is one of Europe's leading travel operators for hunting trips to Croatia, a country known for its long hunting traditions and good game population.


Experience and vision

We have extensive experience with hunting trips to Croatia since 1995 and know which hunting areas may be relevant based on hunting-wishes.


What do we offer?

Our employees and tour guides speaks Norwegian, Croatian and English. With us you can experience exciting hunting on brown bear, wild boar, fallow deer, pheasant, chamois, red deer, mouflon and roe deer.

Jaktreiser til Kroatia med Check out Croatia

Reisegarantifondet - RGF

Anyone who has bought a package holiday or a combined trip from someone who has provided a travel guarantee can claim a refund from the Travel Guarantee Fund if the trip is canceled as a result of the trader's bankruptcy or arrangement. In the case of combined journeys, only the amount paid to the trader who has provided a guarantee can be refunded.is trygt med oss, vi er medlem av RGF.'

This is what some of our customers say

'''Thank you for a fantastic trip with great guides, enormous amounts of game, good food and drink and not least an exceptionally pleasant and helpful.


''Outfitter'' with a wealth of good stories and a bubbly mood. We have to repeat this!!''


''We all agreed that this trip was the best we have experienced so far when it comes to drift hunting; in short, there were more pigs, better and more dedicated drivers, as well as proper hunting dogs. Most of us have been several times on drift hunting in Poland, Tunisia, Sweden and Germany.''


''We got everything plus a little more than we imagined.''


"The tour guide was very nice. Lots of pigs in the terrain. Very good food. Very good arrangement around the hunt with good drivers and dogs. Cozy inside and outside the hunting lodge. Overall a really good experience."


"A great trip. Here we got what we were promised, lots of pig and quick shots. In addition, we got a meal that was far above what was expected. Will definitely come back."


"Absolutely to recommend..top hunt..super program and a very serious tour guide."


"A lot of game, good food, nice people and a wonderful social trip. We'll be back again!

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