Balkan chamois hunt in Croatia

With us you get the opportunity to experience perhaps Europe's best hunt on chamois with a fantastic view over the Adriatic Sea that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. On our hunting ground we mostly hunt on chamois in trophy size 90.00-115.00 CIC-points.


We recommend chamois hunting in October and November and you always hunt with a skilled 1:1 hunting guide who helps judge the chamois when stalking, the record for chamois in Croatia is 120.13 CIC.


Trophy size balkan-chamois

  • 100.00-104.99 CIC ( bronze )
  • 105.00-109.99 CIC ( silver )
  • 110.00+ CIC ( gold )

General information

  • hunt time 01.10-31.01

  • 3-4 hunting days and 4-5 nights

  • 1-3 hunters per group

  • 1:1 hunting guide

  • hunting form: spot and stalk

Contact us

for more information or offers, send request or call +47 46652010

Hunting chamois in Croatia

The Balkan-chamois is larger than the Alpine-chamois and is found in the mountain up to 1,000 meters in height in Croatia. The hunt takes place with a skilled 1:1 guide and requires the hunter to be in good physical shape, have a sharp eye, a precise shot and can compensate for the angle of the shot which can either go up or down. It is an advantage to have stable and comfortable hunting shoes that have been worn, and do not fall into the trap of buying new ones just for this hunting trip.


The chamois hunt takes place along the coast of Dalmatia (Dalmacija) on the Adriatic Sea - an exciting and special hunt for an animal that has excellent vision, hearing and smell. Rut time normally starts around November - therefore october and november are good hunting months, december and january are also good hunting months but the weather can be more unstable and very cold at times.


We can recommend everyone to try this hunt because of experiences that you won't soon forget.

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