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Brown bear hunting in Croatia

Brown bear in Croatia is a coveted trophy since Croatia is one of the few countries in Europe where brown bears can be hunted, therefore mostly brown bears of a certain age are hunted and almost exclusively only in the bronze, silver and gold medal trophy size.


In our hunting areas mostly brown bears we hunt are in trophy size 250.00-500.00 CIC-points. Brown bear hunting takes place 5-6 days before the full moon with a 1:1 hunting guide from safe hunting towers, the record in Croatia for brown bear is 525.89 CIC-points.


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Trophy size brown bear

  • 250.00-274.99 CIC ( bronze )
  • 275.00-299.99 CIC ( silver )
  • 300.00+ CIC ( gold )

General information

  • hunt time 01.03-15.05 / 16.09-15.12
  • 4-5 hunting days / 5-6 nights
  • 1-3 hunters per travel group
  • 1:1 hunting guide
  • hunting form: high seat
  • price arrangement from € 2.110 per hunter incl. 5 nights, 4 hunting days, trophy measurement, Croatian hunting license, hunting organisation, 1:1 hunting guide, brown bear felling permit, transport during hunting, breakfast, dinner, tour guide +++

  • price brown bear from € 4.580 (bronze medal)

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Hunt brown bear in Croaita

The European brown bear is the largest European predator and is a subspecies of brown bear that was once widespread in Eurasia and North America, an adult brown bear in Croatia can weigh up to 350 kg. In winter, the female gives birth to one to four bear cubs, each weighing around 350 grams. Due to the living conditions, Croatia is one of the rare European countries where the brown bear population is strong and stable, the mountains of Croatia with

untouched forests are one of the reasons why the brown bear thrives here.


The best hunting time is in the winter months and early spring during the full moon, the hunt takes place from safe hunting towers with 1:1 guide who helps the hunter to judge the brown bear in CIC-points. Since Croatia has a large population of brown bears and it increases year by year, this is the best starting point for hunting experiences that you will not soon forget and the opportunity to hunt on brown bear you have been dreaming about.

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