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Driven hunt on wild boars in Croatia

Experience exciting driven hunt in Croatia on turbo-fast wild boars, we have several hunting areas in central Croatia and the county of Slavonija - all areas have skilled beaters with hunting dogs.


We normally hunt only wild boar, jackal/fox during driven hunt with posting from ground level or low hunting towers. With normal shooting skills, which hunting area and offer the group choose the group can expect 40-70 wild boars of all sizes in three hunting days.


  • 3 jaktdager
  • fellingstillatelse villsvin
  • fri avskyting av rev og sjakal
  • troféavgifter og purkeavgifter
  • bom- og skadeskyting av villsvin
  • kroatisk jaktlisens
  • transport t/r Zagreb LH-jakthuset
  • transport under jakt
  • 4 netter med frokost, lunsj og middag
  • sengetøy, håndklær, WiFi på jakthuset
  • hjelp til bestilling av flybillett
  • reiseleder som snakker flytende kroatisk og norsk
  • +++

General information

  • hunting time 01.11-31.01
  • 2-3 hunting days / 3-4 nights
  • 13-20 hunters per group
  • package offers / basic packages
  • no trophy fees

Contact us

for more information or offers, send request or call +47 46652010

Videos from our driven hunts in Croatia

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Driven hunt on wild boars in Croatia

Drive hunt on wild boars is perhaps the most intense hunting experience a hunter can experience and Croatia has become known for having a stable wild boar population. A driven hunt on wild boar offers many experiences and is very exciting, beaters with dogs go through difficult areas where the wild boar thrive and do their utmost to push them out towards the hunters. Usually all hunters get the opportunity to fire shots and it is important to take care of the chances that come.


Wild boars in Croatia are relatively large and the largest can weigh more than 290 kg. The female is smaller and the oldest female normally leads the herd with the boar at the end. Wild boar hunting takes place all year round, while driven hunt takes place in November, December and January. If you are planning to participate in driven hunt on wild boars, we recommend practicing shooting at moving targets or trying a shooting simulator, as with all hunting preparation is important for successful results.

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