Mouflon hunting in Croatia

With us you have the opportunity to experience perhaps Europe's best hunting for mouflon regardless of whether you hunt inland or on the coast. In our hunting areas mouflon we hunt mostly mouflon in trophy size 165.00-220.00 CIC-points.


You can also experience seeing other game species such as fallow deer inland and balkan chamois on the coast while hunting mouflon, the record in Croatia for mouflon is 235.70 CIC.


We have package offers and basic packages with mouflon according to price list.


Trophy size mouflon

  • 185.00-194.99 CIC ( bronze )
  • 195.00-204.99 CIC ( silver )
  • 205.00+ CIC ( gold )


  • 3 jaktdager
  • 1:1 jaktguide
  • fellingstillatelse muflon
  • fri avskyting av rev og sjakal
  • troféoppmåling med CIC-sertifikat
  • trofébehandling (utkoking/skinning)*
  • ettersøkshund ved behov
  • kroatisk jegerlisens (varighet 30 dager)
  • transport t/r flyplass Zagreb/Split - jakthuset
  • transport under jakt
  • 4 netter med måltider**
  • sengetøy, håndklær, WiFi på jakthuset
  • hjelp til bestilling av flybillett
  • reiseleder som snakker flytende norsk og kroatisk


* inkludert (innland), ** inkludert frokost/lunsj og middag (innland), ** inkludert frokost (kysten)

General information

  • hunting time inland 01.09-31.10
  • hunting time coast 01.04-20.05 / 01.10-10.11
  • 3-4 hunting days, 4-5 nights
  • hunting form: high seat / spot and stalk.

Contact us

for more information or offers, send request or call +47 46652010

Hunting mouflon in Croatia

Mouflon hunting in Croatia is perhaps one of the best places to hunt in the world, and with us you can hunt inland and on the coast along the Adriatic coast. Hunting mouflon inland and on the coast are two completely different worlds, stalking or high seat hunting in the fantastic "Sherwood forest" inland to stalking hunt on the coast in mountains with a unique view over the Adriatic coast. No matter where you choose to hunt, you will always have a skilled 1:1 guide with you to help judge the mouflon.


Croatia has a very stable mouflon population, it is estimated that there are approx. 1,500 mouflons in Croatia and each mouflon that has been taken down is measured, weighed and judged in order to obtain more information about the different populations in Croatia. Normally, almost anyone can hunt mouflon regardless of age, but when hunting on the coast it requires that the hunter has to be in some physical shape, have a sharp eye, a precise shot and can compensate for the angle of the shot which can either go up or down.

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