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Red stag hunting in Croatia

Red stag hunting is considered by most rifle hunters to be Europe's finest hunting, and Croatia is without comparison among the best hunting destinations in Europe. On our hunting grounds we mostly hunt red stag in trophy size 150.00-250.00 CIC-points, the record in Croatia is 265.73 CIC and was shot on one of our hunting grounds in 2021.


Experience deer hunting at its best in September when it is rutting ​​time, you hunt with a skilled 1:1 hunting guide who helps judge the red stag from a hunting tower or by stalking.


Trophy size red deer

  • 170.00-189.99 CIC ( bronze )
  • 190.00-209.99 CIC ( silver )
  • 210.00+ CIC ( gold )

General information

  • hunting time 16.08-14.01
  • 3-4 hunting days, 4-5 nights
  • 1-4 hunters per group
  • 1:1 hunting guide
  • hunting form: high seat / possibility of spot and stalk.

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Hunting red deer in Croatia

The red deer is one of the largest deer species and has been called the king of the forest and you can find it almost throughout Croatia, an adult red deer in Croatia weighs 250 to 300 kg. Croatia is a country known for having a stable deer population and the possibility of meeting the big red stag, therefore many hunters choose to travel here to experience exciting hunt from hunting tower or by stalking during the rut with a skilled 1:1 guide. Depending on which hunting area the hunter chooses, one can also experience seeing other game species such as mouflon, fallow deer, roe deer, bear, wild boar, wolf and lynx.

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